September Update

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    Hey, we hope you all had a great Summer! We have just released part one of our mega update. Part 2 should be expected sometime in the next 1 - 2 months.

    Changelogs: Everyone can view day-by-day changelogs by going to this link:

    Discord Channel:
    You can join our Discord for The Crafting Crafter Network using the link below:
    All rules for the forums and in-game still apply in discord.

    - Added a brand new spawn area.
    - New custom warzone around spawn to make the PvP area better.
    - Updated messages and announcements globally to better fit color patterns.
    - Released a new PvP arena (/warp pvp)
    - Added /tntfill
    - Released Supply Drops - 10 supply drops will drop in random locations throughout the warzone every 2 hours.
    - Added a casino - The casino includes games like rock paper scissors, coin flips and a jackpot!

    On 9/5/2017 the server will be down for maintenance for around an hour while we perform this update.

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