Mid-June Update Log

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    Twice each month we plan to release a summary of all of the updates and changes made during the month and since the last update log. These announcements will be posted here on the main home page, or under the News and Announcements section.

    Changelogs: Everyone can view day-by-day changelogs by going to this link: http://www.craftingcrafter.com/index.php?forums/changelogs.43/

    Discord Channel:
    You can join our new Discord for The Crafting Crafter Network using the link below:
    All rules for the forums and in-game still apply in discord.

    - Turned on mob griefing
    - Fixed world border
    - Turned on PvP in the end.
    - Fixed sticky pistons not being able to be used in Faction territory.
    - Updated votes to announce globally when someone votes
    - Fixed players sometimes not receiving the diamond sword from the vote crate.
    - Added a 20 second command cooldown to /afk.
    - Fixed the animated names to show correct prefix and kd/r on username above the player.
    - Added server online player count to the tab list footer.
    - Updated chat coloring, default players now have white chat and staff have yellow chat.
    - Updated the auto announcer to stand out better.
    - Added the Factions Top plugin:
    Using the /f top command shows you the Factions with the most 'worth', worth is calculated by the faction's total money, blocks, spawners etc...
    - Fixed players being unable to use the same command twice in a row.
    - Fixed spawners not being able to be mined with silk touch.
    - Fixed an issue with the /f who list.
    - Now supporting Minecraft clients using versions 1.8 - 1.12
    - Added +20 Faction Power package to the store at: craftingcrafter.buycraft.net - Players can purchase this package up to 3 times for a maximum of +60 power.
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