Mid-July Update Log

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    Each month we plan to release at least 1 summary of all of the updates and changes made during the month and since the last update log. These announcements will be posted here on the main home page, or under the News and Announcements section.

    Changelogs: Everyone can view day-by-day changelogs by going to this link: http://www.craftingcrafter.com/index.php?forums/changelogs.43/

    Discord Channel:
    You can join our Discord for The Crafting Crafter Network using the link below:
    All rules for the forums and in-game still apply in discord.

    - Added the Enhanced baltop plugin- Now the /baltop list will show more information and look a lot nicer.
    - Added Coin Flips. Use the /coinflip command in-game to create and enter coin flip games.
    - Fixed/Updated the server icon on the multiplayer list.

    Shop changes:
    - Raw beef from $2 -> $1
    - Cooked beef from $4 -> $1.5
    - Raw Pork from $2 -> $1
    - Cooked Pork from $4 -> $1.5
    - Blaze rod from $4 -> $1.5
    - Brewing stand $5.5 -> $3
    + Other minor shop changes.

    At the end of the summer we have big plans for updates, so stay tuned!
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