The Crafting Crafter Network


Hi everyone! TOMORROW (1/27/2018) is the official re-release date for The Crafting Crafter Network.
We want to thank everyone who still follows the server after the long downtime for updates. This new update is looking to be the best yet. Below you can find a shortened change log of all of the changes made.

The following was wiped or reset:
  • New map!
  • Player vaults and player data
  • Player money
  • McMMO stats
  • Factions
  • +All other things that players can accumulate.
  • Users who have donated WILL KEEP the ranks, perks, commands, etc... through the reset.
The following was added:
(this is not a full list, join in-game to experience all of the new changes!)
  • New spawn area, created by Ninfiniti.
  • A brand new bounty plugin with leaderboards.
  • NEW Enderdragon events. There will be events where The End is filled with new dragons for the players to fight.
  • A new way to redeem McMMO credits, which you can obtain through voting or the online store.
  • Added tags, which will be available in future updates.
  • The in-game item shop is now completely GUI based and can be opened by anyone using the /shop command.
  • Many new packages are now available on our online store. These packages range from new kits and McMMO credits to new commands and mob spawner packs.
Many other minor changes were made throughout the server and we have many more new updates to come! Be sure to join and check out all of the changes!
Along with this reset we will be re-releasing voting links.

Craft On!
- The Crafting Crafter Staff Team
Hello everyone!
Welcome to the new "The Crafting Crafter Network"'s website. We hope you enjoy the upgrades we made to our website and the server. In the rest of this post I will go over the changes made to both the server and website as well as our future plans for the server.

The Crafting Crafter Network has launched! Come join us today:

We have made many great changes to the website and webstore, along with a complete re-design of both our entire website and store page, we have combined the main site with the blog. The 'Home' tab is now where you will find new announcements, updates and all of the other big announcements. There is also an 'About Us' page and 'Staff' page where you can find out more information about the server and who the staff members maintaining it are. There are many other changes on the website but the one we want to highlight the most is now you can create an account and join our brand new Forums section of the website. The Forums is the new place for staff applications, player reports, suggestions and much, much more!


When Crafting Crafter was shut down more then a year ago, it had a large variety of worlds and games that users could play. As of the release of The Crafting Crafter Network we are going back to the core of just Factions at it's best with great plugins, add-ons and some custom plugins to make it one of the best Factions experiences you will find with some of the finest staff around. I won't go in-depth with the changes here, as there will be a change log posted with the long list of changes included in it. Be sure to hop online and take a look around to check out all the amazing features on the new updated Factions server.


The store page has been completely redesigned and there are tons of new packages available. With things like mcMMO Credits, mob spawners, kits, ranks, tags and more,...