Crafting Crafter is a hub based server. We offer a wide variety of various worlds and mini-games. From factions to skyblock, to Survival Games and more! Find out more at the server info page.

We are a well established server running for over 3 years. Crafting Crafter launched on 1/5/2012. The server runs 24/7, is DDoS protected, and is almost always 100% lag-free. We are running Minecraft version 1.8.8 with 70 slots.

On Crafting Crafter there is almost always a staff member online to assist you with any help you need. If there isn't a staff member online when you need assistance, send an email to explaining what you need help with and we will reply within 2 hours!

Donations help the server by helping to pay the monthly upkeep of the server. Donating can get you ranks, boosters, particles and more! Donate today to help the server, and get yourself a new rank and some cool new commands and items!

Voting daily helps the server an extreme amount. By voting, it raises our stats on different websites that show our server. For each vote you receive $200 IGM, and 4 diamonds! You can vote on each link once per day.

Have you been banned? Try sending a ban appeal! A ban appeal is an email in which you explain why you were banned, and why you want to be unbanned. An Admin or Owner will review your appeal and reply back to you. If they accept your appeal, you will be unbanned.